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Play in Canton Day is coming!


Come out and join me this Saturday at the 1st ever Play in Canton Day 2017 - just another reason to love living in Cherokee County! My scouts are selling Girl Scout cookies - swing by and say hello if you can!!!

The City of Canton is hosting this day with music, food trucks, FREE bounce houses, and sports games for the whole family, and celebrating the official ribbon cutting for the new Etowah River Park!

This event is expected to be several hundred to a thousand people turnout, I hope to see you all there!!!

New Beginnings


Today has been amazing!

Bershire Hathaway HomeServices has proved to me, time and time again, that I make the best decision every day to work with this company! And, even better than the fabulous brand, is the Cherokee Office - I just love the people I work with in this office! Every agent is so friendly and hardworking, and we all have expertise and creative ideas to offer freely to one another, and it is always done with the utmost respect and integrity!

My biggest New Year's resolution this year is revamping my online presence and skills - which apparently, is much harder than it seems! I knew that BHHS is top of the line with marketing technology, but the industry online grows and changes so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up, unless you have a saavy teenager on hand - OR AN AWESOME TEAM OF TECH PROS!! 

Today, our wonderful Cherokee Office brought in some of our BHHS company technology pros... Wow, they're the best! I love making new friends, but these folks are about to be on my speed-dial!

You may be thinking, "Yeah, okay, whatever...Your company has good IT, mine does too." So why does this matter?

Because Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has my back.

That means I have more marketing tools than any competitor, at my fingertips, at any given time.

That means I'm efficient and dynamic, creating a powerful impact and leaving my mark - wherever I go.

That means I can focus on my clients' needs, and push their best interests on a global scale.


That's pretty awesome. Hey, did you notice I have a blog?

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